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Autospade also includes a FREE carbon steel fork head.

Easy partial assembly required – tools and full instructions included.

Based on the old Wolf-Terrex autospade, the Autospade is an easy to use tool which helps remove the strain of bending.

Delivery is FREE for UK mainland deliveries. Carriage charges apply for all other destinations.

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Backsaver Autospade is a quality tool to remove back strain when digging in cultivated ground.

The Autospade is based on the old Wolf Terrex spade and is supplied with a stainless steel or carbon steel spade blade.

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 81 × 34 × 10 cm
Blade material

Stainless Steel, Carbon steel


Green gloss finish. Fixings are electro-plate galvanized.


The handle is fitted with PVC \\\\'Comfy Grips\\\\'.

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All garden tools suffer a hard life, being used in the wet and constantly abraded by the soil. The shaft and mechanism of the spade will suffer knocks and abrasions and in these places take on surface rust. We would encourage you, after use, to remove caked on earth and give the spade a squirt with WD40, or a wipe with an oily rag. With the care of a good worker, it may last you a lifetime!

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39 reviews for Autospade

  1. Overall very good

    There were no assembly instructions provided (all fairly obvious except engagement of springs which simple once figured out). The handle could do with being a bit longer for tall operators. Use takes a little practice, but in reasonable conditions produces a good and fast initial dig over of ground (and saves your back, of course).

  2. excellent

    i have dug over a large patch of ground and not suffered the usual
    lower back pain from my arthritis,how good is that ,its brilliant,no heavy lifting.

  3. Fantastic product

    Does the job very well. Wish j had bought one years ago.

  4. 8 out of 10

    used the spade once digging for approx. 45mins did the job well ,
    did take time to get used to as the instructions say but the reward
    was worth it no back ache and will be using the spade this weekend
    weather permitting.

  5. Excellent

    I am impressed by the amount I can dig with no impact on my back. I have recommended the spade to my gardening friends. I think it could be one of the best investments I have made.

  6. There is not a better non mechanized garden tool.

    I can comfortably dig for 3/4 hours with just a tea break. It really does make winter digging a pleasure. No pain!! The modifications on the old Terex spade make it so much easier to assemble and maintain.

    If anyone in the Le Loire Valley , France would like a demo they can contact me via John.

  7. brilliant

    once you get used to the spade it makes digging so much easier.

  8. Excellent – a must have for serious gardeners

    I bought this to replace one I bought more than 30 years ago. It is rare to find a product that has retained its quality over such a long time and I hope to continue using it for many years to come.

  9. Excellent


  10. Excellent

    Bought for my husband who has found it really helpful; managed to do lots of digging on the allotment without the strain on his back that a normal spade would give. Didn’t take him long to get into the stride of digging. A very good purchase.

  11. Brill

    Effortless digging
    No pain but big gain
    So easy to use
    Best ever buy

  12. We’ll constructed but very heavy, does the job on previous cultivated ground.

    Limited experience due too weather conditions, ask me again in three months from January. Use? – OK so far!

  13. Great item

    This spade halves your digging time with half the effort,does take a bit of getting used to but you will never look back

  14. very good

    I bought this spade for my daughter as I have one myself and find it easy to dig over my allotment

  15. very good but needs practice

    i find this product to be near perfect and maybe perfect with more use but wet garden stopping full trial as yet ,i was doubtful of claims about the turning over of soil but it works very well if there is not too much grass to be honest i need a little more time on it but so far highly delighted with spade ,stainless>added bonus i did not realise it comes with 2 quality spanners for putting together and adjusting

  16. Have not used it yet as it is for the allotment I will post something when we do

    It was easy to put together and looks very good

  17. An excellent spade but a bit expensive

    I brought this as a six foot chap suffering with a bad lower back made all the more painful when I dig my allotment. Having used the spade on a good sized area of digging I can honestly say that it is a vast improvement on a conventional spade. My back pain is nothing like as bad and it is likely that I would not have been able to do all my digging without it. The build quality is good but could be more refined for the price. The adjustable handles allow you to select the perfect height for digging. The spade does take a bit of getting use to but once you have developed the correct technique it makes digging fast and easy. Be aware that you will need to dig the first spit with a conventional spade so you have a trench to work your soil into. Also if you are a person who is use to taking huge spits of earth when you dig you will need to adjust to a lesser amount when digging with the Autospade. The spade also digs to a very good depth. All in all it is an excellent product. I just hope that it lasts considering how much it has cost!

  18. Does what it says on the tin

    Like all specialist tools you get, nothing beats practice with it. Over the last month it has seen some serious use. It did not take long before i obtained the same level and quality of finish to the dug area i would expect using an ordinary spade. Initally on recieving the spade there was an issue with the coil spring, but after an email to and from the company this was resolved next day by 1st class post when i recieved a replacement part. To me that shows the company values the customer. On the point of cost….no its not cheap..but i have never found a specialist tool that was….the thought being …you get what you pay for.

  19. Definitley 5 star

    This was a present for my husband who has a back problem. He was a bit sceptical but after trying it out on his allotment he was full of praise. Usually he can only dig for half-an-hour or so before having to stop but he found he could carry on digging for extended periods – he says he can’t wait to get back to the job in hand – weather permitting – to use the spade again. Although expensive it is worth every penny. We wont hesitate in recommending it to others.

  20. Perfect little tool

    My husband is over the moon with this tool, it’s very time saving and is glad he decided to get one and would recommend anyone to get one.

  21. Excellent

    Firstly, I had one of these tools for many years, but found it dificult to source another. I wa so pleased to see one on your site and ordered it, hoping it was as good as the last one. It was even better and I am happy to recommend it to anyone. It was a reasonable price too.

  22. Brilliant

    You can do three times as much digging with the auto spade compared to a normal garden spade in the same time and have no back strain afterwards. Well worth spending the money and every serious gardener should have one.

  23. Superb piece of equipment

    This spade has saved me a lot of hard work and is very easy to use once you master the technique

  24. Brilliant idea that really works . Fast delivery too

    Brilliant idea that really works . Fast delivery too

  25. ten out of ten

    It has made digging an enjoyable experience again and it has saved me having backache. Once you have mastered how it works which does not take long digging can be carried out quite quickly.

  26. Anon

    I’m 63 with a bad back and I wasnt looking forward to this season’s digging until my son and I ordered the autospade. We spent months last year clearing the overgrown garden the size of an allotment plot, with a normal spade and suffered terribly. This year I have almost completed the digging in just three sessions with the autospade! No backache! It’s wonderful. Thank you…

  27. Excellent product been using one for 40 years glad it has been revived

    I have an original model inherited from my father. While I think it is excellent I would make the following points particularly if you have heavy (clay) soil. 1) Unlike your video do not just pull back but push forward slightly to break the spit of soil, then pull back. This reduces the pressure on the bottom joint where the flat spring joins the tube stem. If you do not, over time this bottom joint used to break. Several users on my fathers allotment site found this. The new one may be stronger I do not know. 2) Do not try to take too big a spit of soil for the same reason above, also it throws & turns the spit better.3) If you find it heavy do not pick up between spits you can “rock” it sideways on the rear bracket. I use mine with the fork head more than the spade. Hope this helps new & potential new users.

  28. Excellent

    Its a dream come true, so much easier than traditional digging and the short clip was very useful plus the paper guide

  29. Jim (verified owner)

    I have given 5 stars because though I haven’t used it yet, the service was excellent and the autospade is well made and very sturdy. It will just be down to me, hopefully getting the hang of it quickly!

  30. Howell smith

    Brilliant purchased for allotment just used it for the first time,does what it say,s on the tin , no back pain at all would highly recommend

  31. Mike (verified owner)

    My father had one of these, years ago. I have been using an original, purchased secondhand, for some time. A new spring is on order. Recently bought a new one for my wife, who loves the allotment. She finds the fork head more useable. Can’t understand anyone using an ordinary spade, once they’ve tried one of these!

  32. Lesley Green (verified owner)

    Just got one of these, hubby said it’s brilliant, dug the garden in half the time. He’s got a new toy

  33. Chris (verified owner)

    I bought the auto spade just been to allotment I’ve dug a lot of ground a lot more than I would have done no back pain at all wish I didn’t wait to buy 1 if you are thinking about buying 1 buy it well worth it

  34. David

    Absolutely fantastic. I hate digging but with this spade I’ve dug for hours with no back ache or tiredness. .Everybody should have one. Give one to Monty Don and it will sell like hot cakes

  35. David

    Fabulous. The best tool in the shed. Forget Bach ache, I can dig for hours with the Terex Autospade whereas I get tired with an ordinary spade. OK it’s expensive, but with all the years of use it’s well worth it.. The software won’t let me correct ‘back’ not Bach.

  36. richard ware

    The best tool i have i have well worth the money i realy enjoy digging with it and a first class service with it thankyou

  37. Martyn Dear

    This works fantastic, however having interchangeable fork / spade creates a weak point. Would be better if it was all one solid piece. My ‘free’ fork snapped at join using only for second time when it found a tree root. Really weak at this point

  38. Martyn Dear

    This works fantastic, it’s actually enjoyable to dig my plot over, but also this company has amazing after sales service. Thank you very much

  39. Robin Brown (verified owner)

    Thanks so much for the autospade, what an amazing tool. I have two artificial hips and arthritis in my back, after 50 yrs of outdoor manual work, but I love my large allotment and it would break my heart to have to give it up. This spade makes it so much easier, quicker and painless to dig. Even I managed to put it together with no trouble. When digging just follow the instructions, take a smallish bite of soil, about 4inches, angle the blade back a bit and away you go, I did a couple of hours and could quite happily have carried on longer. Also a good tip to use a loop of string to engage and disengage the springs, saves catching your fingers! Worth paying the bit extra for the stainless blade too, the soil doesn’t stick. Thanks again.

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